About Us

We are a leading provider of renewable solar pv technologies, helping homeowners as well as businesses throughout the United Kingdom to discover the benefits of cleaner, greener energy.

Sustain has built up a team of renewable energy specialists who are passionate about solar PV technologies. We deliver a shared vision by way of our local presence throughout the UK, where we have regional offices capable of delivering excellent service provision.

Our organisation specialises in solar PV technologies, which give our customers the opportunity to take control of the energy they use. More and more people require an alternative to rising energy prices and depleting natural resources and we have effective solutions for various clients. Sustain offers a smarter, more sustainable way to live that is both an economical and sensible investment decision.

Solar PV House Installation

Where Are We?

We’re based in Ware, north of London with regional offices across the UK, where our solar teams are based for local consultations, surveys and installations.

We’ve installed solar PV in lots of different locations throughout the UK from the very south of Cornwall all the way to Scotland. See our solar locations.

Effective Solutions

Professional Team

Our professional team work closely with homeowners and businesses, as well as more large-scale operations including schools, hospitals and farms. Our client list includes the NHS, Dunelm Mill, county councils and many other local business clients.

Quality Materials

Sustain only install the highest quality materials to ensure that every solar PV installation is durable and highly efficient to maximise return on investment and to protect the environment in a more effective way.

The happy customers keep on coming, with word of mouth continuing to be our best source of advertising.

Long Term

What’s more, we’re in it for the long-haul and aim to be supporting the growth of solar technologies in the UK for years to come.

High Quality Solar PV Products

Expertise Throughout


Growing Team

With a growing team of designers, engineers, project managers, consultants and a service driven support structure, we are on hand to deliver unrivalled services for commercial and domestic clients.


Diverse People

We’re a diverse bunch of people from very different backgrounds including construction, the armed forces, IT industry, investment banking and of course renewable technologies and electrical engineering.


Broad Knowledge

What does this broad range of skills mean for you? Ultimately it delivers a breadth of knowledge, and a refreshingly broad perspective based on real-world understanding rather than wishful-thinking.

Experienced Management Team

Sustain have an experienced management team with knowledge not only in solar PV but also other engineering sectors and financing. We deliver on expectations and build long standing relationships with our clients. We run a tight ship, you’ll be impressed with our solar pv process.

Get In Touch

We’d love to know more about your requirements for solar PV. To find out how we can help you achieve more with solar PV by reducing costs and your carbon emissions contact us today to speak with our specialist team on 01992 800 666.