Commercial Sectors

Electricity prices are continuing to rise so the installation of a solar PV system can protect businesses and other organisations against future price changes. As well as the obvious financial advantages and carbon emission reductions, it is a fantastic way of demonstrating your green credentials to customers.

As part of wide ranging regulations and requirements to reduce carbon footprints and emissions, renewable technologies are playing a vital role in the future of business. With this in mind, the installation of a Solar PV system is a logical strategic decision that impacts on both the financial and environmental aspects of the commercial operation.

The financial benefits accrued as a result of the feed-in tariff scheme help to fund the installation cost over a period of time and help to generate a guaranteed return on investment over the feed in tariff period. If capital is not available there are various commercial financing options available.

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Solar PV is a fantastic solution for properties but it can also be installed on a ground location, thus utilising available land perhaps on a farm or another expansive ground location. Perhaps it is land that is hard to farm and therefore it makes sense to utilise it as an investment with solar PV.

As with any commercial operation if you are able to produce your own electricity during daytime hours, when energy needs are often the greatest, the financial returns are likely to be significant. Make great savings on your electricity bills and protect your assets from rising energy costs.

Sustain have installed a wide range of large-scale solar PV installations with experience in both roof and ground-mounted PV systems. Sustain have a dedicated team who understand the complexities of agricultural based solar PV installations.

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Public Sectorpublic-sector-school-solar-pv

Sustain offer a comprehensive hassle-free service for public sector properties to help achieve the requirements of carbon reduction targets.

Whatever the specific objectives for the public sector property, we have a range of solutions that fit succinctly with specific public sector stipulations. A Solar PV system can help you to meet targets in relation to reducing energy bills, educating the next generation about renewable energy and serving the wider structure of a renovations or strategic plans.

So whether you are a school, hospital, council property or a multisite public sector operation, Sustain have the experience and diversity to deliver the right solar PV system.

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New Construction

We recognise that the construction of new properties means tight deadlines, budgets and specified requirements. By working closely in conjunction with Sustain, you can be sure that your requirements for the construction of a new property will be met and hassle free.

Solar PV Construction

Our extensive and experienced in-house design capabilities mean that every solar PV system we install is tailored to meet the requirements of each client. Our comprehensive team of experts will help you calculate the carbon reduction savings from the solar PV system. We are also capable of calculating how the system will help you meet the Part L requirements of the building regulations.

Utility Scaleutility-scale-solar-pv

If you have an appropriate location for a solar farm but you don’t have the facility to make the financial commitment, it is possible to lease the land to an established solar PV organisation such as Sustain.

Huge megawatt solar PV farms are quickly gaining recognition within the United Kingdom for their promising investment returns. Given our links and connections within the solar PV industry as well as the investment market we are able to introduce landowners with forward-thinking investors for the purposes of a utility scale solar PV installation.

Sustain are also able to work directly with landowners who have the financing capital available for a solar PV system on their land. We offer a complete turnkey service for landowners and we help with planning permission, the installation and offer solutions for the monitoring and maintenance of the system.

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Small Business

Large-scale commercial solar PV projects maybe a fantastic solution for public limited companies and public sector organisations, however small-scale commercial solar PV is also of significance.

Even with a small business that does not have the capital available for a solar PV installation, the financial packages available offer significant rewards to those organisations wanting to improve their financial outlook.

For organisations operating at local industrial estates, solar PV could certainly work effectively for your business.

The roof size and structure is often ideal with properties in this location  and even if the property is owned by a landlord there are still opportunities that exist to make solar PV relevant in the future planning of your business.


If you’re a landlord who owns multiple domestic or commercial properties, solar PV could be a useful addition to your investment portfolio. Not only will it deliver a fantastic return on investment over the course of the feed in tariff period, but you also have the opportunity to attract tenants who will benefit from lower electricity bills.

As with other commercial sectors, landlords can benefit from a variety of solutions including the free solar panel installation option.

With large scale property portfolios, Sustain are able to offer economies of scale with our solar PV installation offering. The pricing and offers you will receive are based on the number of properties within the portfolio and the specific client requirements.


Housing Associations

Housing associations have grown in prominence recently and often include a very large number of properties within specific locations. Sustain have worked closely with a number of housing associations on the installation of solar PV at multiple domestic properties. Solar PV is not just a fantastic investment for the housing association itself, but it offers significant advantages to the tenants by way of reduced electricity bills.

In a similar fashion to our approach with landlords, housing associations can benefit from our extensive expertise with multisite installations and the economies of scale associated with that. We are able to project manage solar installation teams to install solar PV in multiple locations over a short time period. Given our national presence, we are able to pool resources for larger projects and utilise our extensive expertise across the United Kingdom.

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We work with a number of different sectors regarding the installation of complex solar PV systems and we have specific solutions available for each commercial sector so they can utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us today for more information on  commercial solar PV.