Commercial Solar

Solar PV is not only fantastic for your bottom line but it also contributes to reducing carbon emissions and protecting the planet. Installing a commercial solar PV system is the right move in more ways than one. Sustain have been involved in numerous projects for businesses and organisations throughout United Kingdom, helping them to save money with commercial solar PV.

Commercial-Solar PV

We have developed significant experience within the field and have refined our processes over the years to deliver proficient services to a wide range of clients. We handle the complete project from the initial communications all the way through to commissioning. When the project is complete, we don’t just walk away, we maintain strong relationships with our clients and offer operational and maintenance support to ensure your system continues to operate effectively.

Wide Range of Clients

We’ve worked with a wide range of clients in various sectors. So, if you are a small medium enterprise,  global business, public sector organisation, landlord, property developer, architect, landowner, facilities manager or even a very small micro business, Sustain are able to support you with your commercial solar PV requirements.

Our complete turnkey service means we’re able to offer comprehensive advice including everything from finance and planning to the solar installation itself and then subsequently after sales and operational support.


Financial Options

We recognise the varying financial circumstances of our clients and where applicable, we bring property owners and investors together to assist with the financing of large scale solar PV systems. If you’re looking for a commercial finance option that reflects your particular circumstances, look no further than Sustain. We’re experienced in matching investors and finance providers to the right clients, ensuring budgetary constraints are managed effectively. We can also assist with due diligence to ensure you receive a quick and successful outcome.

Small & Large Scale

We work on both small-scale and large, complex solar PV systems to help organisations utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us today for more information on our commercial solar PV solutions.

Free Solar PV Solutions

We offer free solar panel installations for commercial clients  and have a clear understanding of customer requirements. Sustain are able to introduce an appropriate package to meet your specific needs and will guide you appropriately on whether a free solar panel installation or a purchased solution is correct for your purposes. We offer free solar panels to large and small organisations and have a range of tailored commercial solutions; so many UK businesses have the opportunity to have free solar panels installed on their property or ground location.

Solar PV Careers

Responding To Your Requirements

Whether your goal is to purely make a financial investment and earn an income through the feed in tariff scheme or to reduce your carbon footprint, Sustain deliver tailored solutions for your particular requirements. No clients have identical specifications and as such it is necessary to undertake a detailed analysis of the client’s property and circumstances to specify a commercial solar PV system that is representative of the situation.

We may need to work closely with clients on planning applications, working with the distribution network operator (DNO) or co-operating collaboratively with other organisations to ensure your system is completed on time and in budget.

Sustain will begin by examining a client’s energy profile, including site and location variables, before ascertaining further information on their financial goals. Following the solar survey, Sustain are able to calculate the size of commercial solar pv system required. We will help you to realise the untapped potential within your energy consumption habits and guide you through the decision making process. See more on our Solar PV Process.

Our Locations

Our solar surveyors and solar installers are located throughout the UK, covering every county and major city. With such a comprehensive network of locations, we are able to provide our national service standards at a local level.

All too often we may forget that a company is comprised of individuals, we’re not just an inanimate corporate entity, we’re a cohesive unit that operates to deliver excellence through our local support mechanisms.

Local To You Solar PV Installers
Collaboration With Solar PV Clients


Sustain develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients to bring their objectives to life. We do this by communicating consistently and with purpose over the course of each solar project and we encourage effective dialogue throughout.

We Deliver Solar PV Results

We Deliver Results

At the core of our business is a desire to achieve results and this is achieved through our highly skilled team who have a strong attention to detail.  We focus on sensible and measurable goals and work closely with clients to establish an appropriate and realistic vision for success.

On Time & In Budget Solar PV

On Time & In Budget

Sustain will utilise our strong experience in project management, as well as an understanding of the most recent technologies to deliver solar PV projects on time and in budget. We deliver on our promises, whether they are financial or time based. 

Solar Survey

Analysis & Design

The first part of our full turnkey service starts with a site survey and comprehensive assessment. We also undertake an economic evaluation to estimate the likely return on investment. Your project manager will outline the installation process and how Sustain will work with you throughout the project.

Following initial agreements we will proceed to design your solar photovoltaic system. It is essential that the correct solar PV technology is utilised together with an effective mounting system. An inverter that is capable of dealing with a large scale commercial solar PV system will also need to be specified. The design process aims to maximise your energy production and cost savings.


Pre-Project Services

With extensive knowledge that has been developed from the installation of numerous projects, we’ve got more expertise than most. Our comprehensive pre-project service delves into an assortment of critical information to help you with your decision making. Typically, this includes financial modelling, tariff analysis, investment and commercial financing options as well as any permissions and communications required with regulatory bodies and external organisations. The pre-project process delivers the essential foundations for your solar PV project, with all the necessary bases covered.



By utilising the world’s leading suppliers and installing performance-guaranteed solar technologies, you can rest assured that your solar installation will be of the highest quality. We manage the entire installation process from logistics and construction, all the way through to connections with the utility provider and support with the feed-in tariff application process. Once the installation itself is complete it is important to test and commission the system to make sure everything is in working order and operating efficiently.


Monitoring & Maintenance

With large-scale commercial solar PV systems, it is important to monitor and measure the systems performance continually. After all, you need to know whether you are receiving the expected return on investment. Post installation, Sustain can support you with a full operations and maintenance plan, which includes monitoring the array’s performance using remote telemetry and online technology.

System inspections will be completed by certified engineers to ensure the solar PV system performance is optimised and down-times are minimised. Where applicable, the operations and maintenance plan may include the stocking of spare parts to safeguard the effective operations of the system. This may include solar PV modules as well as replacement inverters. The exact maintenance plan is subject to specific client contracts and this will typically be agreed prior to the installation.