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Solar PV is an applicable installation for both domestic and commercial properties as well is ground installations on farms and other expansive locations. Not only do we provide purchased solar PV solutions for domestic and commercial clients, but we also offer free solar panels and other packages to suit specific requirements.

While there are a number of myths and misconceptions regarding free solar panels, we can honestly say that it works for many families and businesses throughout United Kingdom. There are no catches, you simply have the solar panels installed for free and benefit from plenty of free electricity at your property or ground location.

The electricity bill savings for domestic clients are obviously of significance but the benefit with commercial properties is that electricity is generally used during the day when the solar panels are in operation.

Having solar panels installed for free is fantastic for clients who currently don’t have the capital available to purchase the solar panels and the installation.


Free Solar Panels for Domestic Properties

No doubt you will have seen solar panels on many properties in your area, it’s the fastest-growing renewable technology in the United Kingdom. You have the option of purchasing a solar PV installation from Sustain, which enables you to take full advantage of the feed in tariff scheme. Essentially, you will benefit from not only having cheaper electricity bills, but you also generate an income from the feed in tariff, which will contribute to installation costs. Furthermore, this incentive is a wise investment because it will generate income over the 20 year period of the government guaranteed scheme.

If you don’t have the capital available for a purchased solar PV installation, you have various other options avalable or a free solar panel installation. With the latter option you will enjoy cheaper electricity bills and can use electricity for free during the day. The downside with the free solar panel option is that you will not benefit from the feed in tariff scheme. Sustain will lease the space above your roof for the duration of the feed in tariff, which is 20 years. The guaranteed income from the feed in tariff will pay for any costs incurred by Sustain for the installation.

Domestic FREE Solar Benefits The benefits of a domestic free solar panel installation are as follows:

  • No capital outlay, the panels are installed for free.
  • Lower electricity bills.
  • Protect yourself from higher electricity bills in the future. Utility costs continue to rise, so having a free solar panel installation gives you that extra security.
  • Use electricity during the day for free. Watch TV, charge up your iPad or set up your washing machine to operate at a specific time.
  • No maintenance costs. While solar panel installations rarely go wrong, you still have no responsibility for the maintenance of the system. Sustain will handle this.
  • After the 20 year feed in tariff period, the solar panel installation is transferred to the property owner. The panels have a guaranteed 25 year performance, so you will still be able to utilise the panels for electricity after 20 years.
  • See the differences between a purchased solar PV installation and a free solar panel option.


Free Solar Panels for Commercial Properties

Property owners and investors are seeing solar PV as a fantastic opportunity for their commercial operations. Whether they opt for a purchased solar PV solution, a financed package or a free solar panel installation, there are significant benefits for an organisation’s profit and loss as well as their credibility.

In very much the same vein as domestic solar PV installations, commercial property owners can benefit from the feed in tariff scheme over the 20 year guaranteed period. The rate is lower for larger installations, but given the scale, the investment is still very lucrative.

For some organisations capital may not be available, so a free solar panel installation could be ideal. While you will not benefit from the feed in tariff scheme to generate a further income for your business, there are significant benefits. Electricity will be produced during the day and this can be used to power the operations of the business. For example, an organisation that uses lots of electricity, such as manufacturing plant may find a free solar panel installation to be exactly what they need.

Ground Solar PV Installations

For commercial landowners such as farmers or investors a free solar panel installation may also be applicable. Utilise land which cannot be used for farming by installing a large solar PV installation. Not only could this be used to power the operations of the farm or other rural requirements, it is a fantastic environmentally friendly addition to the local community.

In some instances a free solar panel installation may not be applicable for certain commercial organisations. As such, we have a range of commercial financial options to suit each client and their particular circumstances. We are able to introduce landowners to investors, so that unique and bespoke solutions can be introduced, where applicable.

Finance Options

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We understand the installation of FREE solar PV systems for domestic and commercial properties and we can help you utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us for information on FREE Solar Panels.