Energy Efficiency Funding

Energy Efficiency Funding is a newer version the previous scheme introduced by the Carbon Trust, who are a world-leading organisation helping businesses, governments and public sector organisations with the transition to sustainable solutions. Their specific aim is based on carbon reduction, energy-saving strategies and the wider communications and promotion of low carbon technologies.

The Energy Efficiency Funding initiative was launched in 2011 by The Carbon Trust to support the UK objectives related to significantly reducing carbon emissions by 2050. Somewhere in the region of £550m has been allocated to support businesses, governments and the public sector in their transition towards a more sustainable future.


Siemans Financial Services

Siemens Financial Services work closely with the Carbon Trust to offer funding which is available for a wide variety of organisations, helping them to save money and reduce energy waste. Their focus is on delivering a budgetary solution through an affordable payment structure so many organisations can benefit from sustainable and renewable technologies.

Expert Energy Efficiency Advice

Approximately 20% of a business’ annual energy costs are wasted and this is due to the continual use of inefficient equipment. The expert knowledge of the Sustain team means we are able to deliver tailored services that are representative of your energy usage and circumstances. We are confident that our approach will ensure that the implementation of energy reduction is as straightforward as possible.

We can help your organisation to understand the benefits and subsequently introduce cost-saving energy efficiency strategies. We’re in the business of implementing low carbon solutions that will increase the profitability of an organisation.

Benefits of Energy Efficiency Funding

  • Reduce costs and energy waste, while reducing carbon emissions.
  • Flexible payment terms are available from 1 to 7 years for solar PV.
  • Fixed payments that are not subject to fluctuations in interest rates. Budget more effectively to improve profitability and cash flow.
  • Efficient processes for the funding application and solar PV installation.
  • Siemens & The Carbon Trust are organisations that can be trusted to deliver a financing solution that is applicable to your needs.
  • Various projects with differing scales are applicable for funding. This includes multiple site business operations.
  • Provides financial flexibility so that working capital can be released for other business projects.
  • Credit terms that may be in place with your bank remain intact and they can be used in the future if necessary.
  • Benefit significantly from the feed in tariff payments to help offset the cost of introducing renewable technologies. This, in combination with utility costs savings will help to offset the financing required.

Why Sustain For Energy Efficiency Funding?

All the support you receive for energy efficiency funding from Sustain is through Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers. This means that you’ll receive proposals that utilise high quality energy efficient equipment and the correct renewable technology for your operations.

As accredited suppliers are utilised, it delivers independent validation and recognition of the specific supplier’s skills and services.  By using Sustain you will receive  a much needed and trusted quality standard in a crowded and fast growing market place.

Accredited suppliers are required to meet criteria set out by the Carbon Trust, which is designed to examine their capability to deliver well-designed energy efficient solutions. Sustain work hard to exceed the criteria by offering value added services.

Our Support

Whether you currently require financing for new equipment or to simply understand how your energy efficiency can be improved, Sustain can offer flexible, impartial and practical guidance where necessary. This includes the following:

  • Site surveys to help organisations identify potential energy-saving opportunities.
  • Appraisals to demonstrate the significant benefits of investing in energy efficiency solutions. Support with the business case and investment criteria.
  • Sourcing of high quality equipment to effectively support energy efficiency.
  • Flexible and affordable financing that is specifically designed to be offset by energy cost savings.
  • Reduce costs and energy waste, while reducing carbon emissions.

How It Works

  • Flexible payment terms are available from 1 to 7 years for solar PV.
  • Finance for 7-10 years available from the Carbon Trust and Siemens.
  • Financing from £1,000 upwards, depending on the scale of the project.
  • Pay upfront for the VAT in the form of a deposit (this can be claimed back at a later date).
  • Payments are fixed to deliver a positive cash flow.
  • Apr 7-8% / 4-5% flat interest rate approximately.
  • The energy savings should equal the monthly payments, which means the renewable technology asset will pay for itself.

The Process

  1. Completion of the finance proposal form.
  2. A credit check is completed and an investigation into trading history is also required. Generally, these processes will be completed within 48 hours.
  3. The Carbon Trust will complete an Independent Energy Saving Assessment to approve the project.
  4.  Formalisation of the agreement.
  5.  Agree the installation date.
  6.  Installation of equipment.
  7.  Payments commence.
  8.  Utility bills should reduce as well as your carbon footprint.
  9.  The asset should have paid for itself after 7 years.

Necessary Criteria

Required information for all customers:

  • Full trading cycle
  • Address and postcode
  • Date established
  • Details of equipment to be financed

Ltd company and PLC trading history

  • Company registration Number
  • If less than 3 years trading, details of directors and home addresses will be required.

For sole traders and partnerships: 

  • Full name(s) of sole trader/all partners
  • Must have been 3 years trading and evidence of date started. VAT Number may also be required.
  • Applications exceeding £5,000 will require up to date financials.

Sun Solar PV Renewable Technology
Wave Power Renewable Technology
Wind Power Renewable Technology

Renewable Technologies

Energy Efficiency Funding can be used for a variety of renewable energy sources such as solar, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric and wind power generation. As opposed to fossil fuels, which utilise finite resources that are too expensive to retrieve, renewable energy sources offer the advantage of unlimited availability.

Solar PV Installation In The Midlands

(An installation in the south of the UK may produce higher energy savings)

85 kWp 20 Year saving  25 Year saving Payback Benefit
Carbon Trust Finance £372,000 £510,000 7  Years Less initial capital outlay, the cash flow remains positive.
All customers must undertake the following checks:

Credit checks and trading history: To qualify for energy efficiency funding, businesses must have been trading for at least 36 months. Subsequently, the business will be offered financing that is subject to a normal credit assessment.

Energy saving assessment: The Carbon Trust Implementation Services will carry out customer energy saving assessments to check as far as possible that the expected CO2 reduction and financial savings match or exceed energy efficiency funding payments.

Talk To Sustain About Energy Efficiency Funding

We work on both small-scale and large, complex solar PV systems and we often offer energy efficiency funding to help organisations utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us today for more information on energy efficiency funding for commercial solar PV.