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There are a number of things to consider with to your solar PV installation and one of the most important is the financing of the system.

We recognise the challenges faced by both domestic and commercial clients in relation to their particular financing requirements.

As such, we offer free and purchased solar PV solutions. Clients may obtain financing from external companies. 


Purchase Outright

Obviously the easiest and most financially lucrative option for both domestic and commercial clients is to purchase the solar PV system. With this option, not only will you own the system out right but you will also benefit from the financial incentives available through the feed in tariff scheme.

Furthermore, you will not be hindered by any loan repayments or other scenarios where the financial returns are likely to be less.

FREE Solar Panel Installation

The free solar panel installation incentive from Sustain is one of our most popular financing options. You will pay nothing for the solar panel installation, which is clearly a fantastic benefit and you will see a significant reduction in your electricity bills. Depending on how you use your electrical items within your domestic property or commercial premises, you may find further reductions in your electricity bill. See further information on FREE solar panels.

The downside of this financing option is that you will not receive the benefits of the feed in tariff scheme, thus making the solar panel installation a less lucrative financial investment. For those who pay for their solar panel installation and do obtain the benefits of the feed in tariff, they will receive guaranteed government backed financial benefits for 20 years.

The choice of whether you decide to have a free solar panel installation or a purchased solution is often based on available capital. To raise the capital necessary for a purchased installation there are of course alternatives for both domestic and commercial clients.

Solar Panels
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Finance Plans

Sustain have the appropriate knowledge to support you when making a financial decision. Finance companies offer finance plans where no deposit is required. Commercial clients can take advantage of energy efficiency funding.

However you finance the system, there are a range of measures and systems in place to ensure you receive the appropriate warranties and customer care as every other installation we complete.

The financial benefits of having a solar PV system installed are significant and can contribute to paying off the installation costs. This can be said for both domestic and commercial clients, where the financial benefit is expected to be significant.

Circumstances do vary and of course it is dependent on various factors such as the amount of light hitting the panels and the orientation of your property, however, as a rule of thumb, the financial benefits of the feed in tariff will contribute to paying off the installation costs.


Some of our clients have chosen to re-mortgage their property to pay for the installation of solar panels. The feed in tariff payments contribute to the cost of a re-mortgage. Once more, the circumstances do vary and in some instances it may not be applicable, given the current interest rates and mortgages that are available. A small re-mortgage could have greater long term benefits and ultimately the solar PV system could play a vital role in helping you to pay off your mortgage earlier.

Some of our commercial clients have also chosen a similar route to finance larger projects and to use the solar panel installation to manage costs and improve profitability. Given that a lot of commercial electrical costs are associated with daylight hours when the business is operating, a finance plan could be an appropriate solution.


Commercial Finance Plans

As a result of the many directives and carbon reduction targets set up by government and the European Union commercial finance packages are in place.

Cost savings are a big priority for businesses and with a solar PV system you have a reliable way to reduce costs by utilising the dead space on your roof to earn money.


Our commercial clients may choose to raise capital through the finance within the business to pay for a solar PV installation or they may opt for a free solar panel installation to utilise the output of the system for the operations of their business. A free solar panel installation could be a fantastic solution for manufacturing organisations who use a lot of electricity during daylight hours, thus benefiting significantly from reduced electricity bills.

Energy Efficiency Funding

Energy Efficiency Funding offers a different kind of finance, which requires less capital outlay and delivers consistency for the business’s cash flow. Energy Efficiency Funding is a £550m scheme launched in 2011 with The Carbon Trust to support the UK goal of lowering carbon emissions by 2050. The scheme is available for all businesses and funding is granted once a series of steps have been completed. See further information on energy efficiency funding.

Utility Scale Solar Installations
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Large Scale Installations

Sustain are advocates of renewable technologies in general and feel they will play a crucial role in meeting our energy needs for a long time to come. That’s why we deliver viable solutions that make financial sense for our clients.

We are leading the way in developing workable finance models for investors, developers, landowners and public-sector organisations. We will:

  • Research and assess the latest solar incentive schemes.
  • Assist with financial statements and prepare appropriate debt and equity capital models.
  • Review, offer insight and negotiate where applicable.
  • Assistance with company setup for specific projects.

Sustain will not proceed with any large-scale projects unless we’re confident that it will achieve the objectives and is within budget. Obviously, large-scale solar PV plants require significant capital investment and we help you by delivering an effective project plan to ensure it is attractive to potential investors.

The decision making process can be somewhat more complex than the details of this webpage, so feel free to get in touch with Sustain to discuss your requirements further.

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We understand the installation of solar PV systems for domestic and commercial properties and we can help you utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us for information.