Free Solar Panels FAQS

Free solar panels often arouse suspicions because it can be perceived as too good to be true, however it is a fantastic opportunity for both domestic and commercial clients.

We are asked a range of questions in relation to the opportunity and try our best to answer questions throughout the solar PV process. Sustain also try to maintain an active presence on social media to ensure that people are correctly informed about free solar panels.

We’ve collated some of the frequently asked questions regarding free solar panels for your reference:

Who owns the solar panels?

Is there a buyout clause?

How often do you need access for maintenance?

Are free solar panels available to all?

Can I get a mortgage or re-mortgage on properties with free solar panels?

How long will the installation take?

Will my roof be secure and what about high winds?

Will roof tiles be damaged?

Will I see a disruption in electricity supply?

Should I change electricity supplier after the installation?

Do I still get an electricity bill?