Free Solar Panels Installation Process

The installation of free solar PV panels is very similar to the process for installing a purchased solar PV system. Check out our comprehensive installation guide for solar PV, which is based on the retrofit of a domestic property.

The installation on a commercial property is very similar for both free solar panel installations and purchased solutions however there are some tasks that need to be completed for complex systems.

Here’s a quick rundown on the installation process for free solar panels:

Our Solar Installers


The scaffolding does not take long to be erected and will usually be in place two days prior to the solar panels being installed. This enables an efficient installation process and minimises disruption for our clients. Scaffolding can be erected without the need for anyone to be at the property because everything is simply installed on the outside.

Once the installation has been completed and signed off by installation team, we will arrange for the scaffolding to be removed and you can enjoy the free electricity generated by the solar PV panels on the roof.

Solar PV Installation

Our comprehensive planning project management process as well as our knowledge and experience makes things efficient and simple. Our installations run like clockwork and you will be pleased to know there are very few disruptions to your daily routine. In many instances our installers will be able to complete the job within a day for straightforward installations. You don’t need to worry about redecorating the property after the installation because wiring and the overall electrical installation is installed carefully and out of sight.

While the panels are being installed on the roof, an electrician will be hard at work installing some of the interior equipment in the loft or potentially in the garage. This includes the inverter, generation meter, isolators and connection to the consumer unit or fuse board.

Solar PV Installer

washing-machine-solar-pvFollowing completion of your solar PV installation you’ll be able to start enjoying free electricity and reducing your electricity bills.

Solar PV is a fantastic renewable technology because our clients do not need to do anything once the installation is complete, they simply enjoy the system and it will work automatically. The sun will continue to shine on your solar panels, enabling you to use appliances and other electrical equipment during the day.

If the panels continue to produce more electricity than you can actually use, the excess electricity will be fed back to the grid. Conversely, if you’re using more electricity than the panels are actually producing you will simply switch back to grid power. Perhaps you are a commercial operation using lots of electricity during the day and as such you exceed the electricity output that is generated by the solar panels on the roof.

continued-service-solar-pvAs you progress through the Sustain procedures you will recognise that our service process is a fundamental part of our business operations. Your solar PV system is completely free and we will continue to monitor and maintain it for the duration of the feed in tariff scheme. As part of the monitoring if we were to discover any technical issues with your solar PV system we will detect this and subsequently look to fix problems within 7 days. The system is fully guaranteed and we will fix or replace anything that goes wrong.

Sustain will own the solar pv panels for the duration of the  feed in tariff scheme. After 20 years, the ownership of the panels will be transferred to you so you can continue to enjoy free electricity. The panels performance is guaranteed for 25 years and many solar PV systems are still in operation from 40 years ago like those installed in space.

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