Great News For Solar PV Franchising Following Recent Survey

Great News For Solar PV Franchising Following Recent Survey

The benefits related to owning a solar PV franchise have increased dramatically following the results of a recent survey. Franchise businesses throughout United Kingdom have shown significant increases in turnover and full-time employment, highlighting the benefits related to this business approach.

The research takes an in-depth look at the five years since the recession began in 2008 and its shows an impressive 20 percent growth within the franchising sector compared to a 2.5 per cent contraction in the UK economy.

The survey highlights that the franchising sector has contributed approximately £14 billion, or the equivalent of one per cent of UK GDP to the economy in the last 12 months.

Over 250,000 full-time jobs are currently part of the franchising industry with a total employment figure of greater than half a million people. The franchising industry certainly has a positive impact on employment with an increase of 20 per cent in the last five years.

Currently, approximately 4 out of every 5 franchise brands operating their model in the UK are owned by UK concerns. The success of the UK-based franchise systems has led to a significant increase in franchisors expanding their systems to international locations. One in four UK franchises have expanded their business model abroad and the growth is set to continue throughout 2014. 9 out of 10 franchisors have stated that trading conditions are likely to improve yet further during the coming years.

The impressive long-term outlook is also very positive for franchisees themselves, with 92 per cent reporting profitability and a further one in four franchisees operating multiple locations. For those franchisees that are new to the industry (less than 2 years in operation) 80 per cent are already turning a profit.

Clive Houlston, director of Sustain, commented: “UK franchising delivers a fantastic opportunity for people to take advantage of a sustainable business model, generating employment and achieving success while other parts of the economy struggle to grow.“

“The extraordinary success of franchising since the recession of 2008 as well as the return of the UK to business growth and prosperity is pleasing news. With nearly 1,000 franchise brands across multiple sectors in the UK there are opportunities to capitalise significantly. With a solar franchise from Sustain, not only will you benefit from a sustainable business model but you will also benefit from a sustainable market where growth is impressive.“

The growth towards a sustainable UK economy, where people and businesses take control of energy usage is a fantastic opportunity for prospective new franchisees. With the Sustain UK franchise model, you will operate a structured service system, delivering solar PV installations to domestic and commercial businesses throughout United Kingdom.

The optimism within the United Kingdom remains high and this is backed up by profitable trading and opportunities nationally and abroad.

As far as regional variations go, franchising has continued to grow positively in areas that have been negatively affected by the recession. Every area of England and Wales recorded a turnover growth, with Wales increasing by 33 per cent, the north west by 27 per cent and the north east by 14 per cent.

It is no surprise that the south east continues to deliver fantastic results and currently leads the way with a remarkable 42 per cent growth since 2008.