How We Work

We recognise and accept that change never ceases especially in the technological market of solar PV. The things that lead us to our destination may not be where we want to be tomorrow and as such Sustain have a deep-rooted ethic in constant innovation with our services, projects and the industries we serve.

We work on short-term, small-scale projects on a daily basis as well as large, complex projects for clients in the public and private sectors.  Our focus is very much on collaboration with clients to ensure that specifications are met. From the initial contact all the way through to after sales, Sustain are available to deal with your requirements in an effective way.

From our base in Hoddesdon our support team work in conjunction with our local solar teams to deliver solar projects on time and in budget. Our team includes designers, project managers, solar professionals and customer services. We are always available to support national and local clients with effective advice and specifications.

We have worked hard to recruit the most highly experienced, committed and client-focused individuals to represent the Sustain brand.

Solar PV Customer Services Team
Think Smart Solar PV

Think Smart

Our 360° model focuses on your particular needs, allowing us to develop a solution that works for you. We select the right combination of products and channels to achieve the best results; maximising impact, while using resources efficiently.

Think Innovation

Think Innovation

We are not a traditional solar PV company. We look for unique ways to achieve innovative solutions and create a long-term strategy for our clients. Our design and development process utilises these unique skills to drive innovation forward.

Think Green Solar PV

Think Green

First and foremost, Sustain are a green company, installing products that can change the world we live in. We put these important activities into action with the promise to make the most efficient use of resources.

Listening To Solar PV Clients

Listening To Client Requirements 

We spend time upfront understanding client requirements in detail, whether we are dealing with a small-scale domestic installation or large commercial project. The finer details will be assessed and we will listen carefully.

To ensure the best collaborative process with commercial contracts we always try to involve the key stakeholders to ensure that specifications are met.

This may include individuals outside of the directly responsible departments such as the board and technical support teams. If you want to, Sustain can even run a short workshop to help commercial organisations with the benefits of solar PV.

Solar PV Survey

Site Survey

Following initial discussions and giving you all the assistance you require, a solar energy expert will make an appointment with you to visit your house or commercial premises. Sustain will complete a survey of the property and provide you with useful information in relation to the potential solar pv installation.

We want you to be correctly informed about the solar PV system including the costs, the savings and the investment opportunity.

The survey will attempt to find out relevant information required to deliver an accurate proposal. The surveyor will check the sunlight levels in your area, assess the orientation of the property (south facing is best) and measure how much space you have available for solar panels.

We will also check various aspects of the property including the loft, electricity meter and fuseboard as well as assessing shaded areas around the property. Shade can affect the efficiency of the panels. With all the information gathered, we can offer you a tailored solution.

Detailed Quotations

Choosing to have solar panels installed is a big decision, regardless of whether it is a large commercial project or small-scale domestic solution. To help you make a decision we will give you accurate information in relation to the number of panels to be installed, the output and potential financial gains from the feed in tariff scheme.

If you choose to have a free solar panel installation, we will give you guidance on the potential electricity savings. 

Our aim is to make the decision making process as simple as possible and to ensure that the correct information is communicated at all times. 


Detailed Solar PV Quotations

Project Planning

Even the smallest installation requires efficient planning to ensure the solar panels are installed on time and commissioned. Throughout the planning process we will keep you informed and agree the specifics where applicable. For large-scale installations, there are additional requirements that need to be met and you can rest assured that Sustain will incorporate these efficiently within your plan.

We will provide you with an installation date and where pertinent, scaffolding will typically be installed prior to the installation date. Prior to the installation we will obviously be preparing all the supplies required to complete the job. Depending on the circumstances equipment may be delivered to your address prior to the installation date to ensure the efficiency of the installation. We will advise you if this is part of your plan.

For a typical domestic installations it will take between one and two days to complete, for large commercial projects the installation timescale is dependent on circumstances.

The electricians, roofers and other installers will arrive on time, answering any specific questions you may have on the installation date.

Commissioning will be completed and various documents will be provided to you for the purposes of the feed in tariff application. Documents will be sent to you by the support team at our head office. Sustain are available any time during the project plan to assist you where possible to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Solar PV Project Plan
Measurement Solar PV


All our clients want a good return on investment for their solar PV installation and we can guide you on how to measure the performance of your system. You will also have the option of having devices installed to measure the performance of your solar PV system using your smart phone or tablet computer.

Optimise Solar PV


Your solar PV installation will require very little maintenance, but we will give you guidance on exactly what you need to do over the systems lifespan. There are slight variations on the optimisation of basic domestic installations and large-scale operations. For the most part though you can sit back and save.