Isolated Grid

An Isolated Grid solar PV system is a large-scale solar PV installation aimed at supporting a specific community or area with their electricity requirements. These type of installations are applicable in areas where the power from the grid is expensive, unreliable or in some instances is not even available. We may also install an isolated Grid solar PV system, where diesel generators have become the standard power source.  Solar offers not only a renewable energy source, but it enables communities and specified areas to reduce the cost of electricity and furthermore their dependence on standby generation systems.

Solar PV offers unique advantages as a cost effective way of generating power and it can operate alongside a public grid or a standby generator. Sustain work in close cooperation with clients in the agricultural business as well as mining companies who are looking for an alternative approach to powering their operations. Similarly remote communities approach Sustain to help them with their local needs. They are often dependent on diesel for energy, so solar PV offers a cheaper, greener and more reliable alternative.

Design Expertise Solar PV

Experience & Expertise

Our comprehensive and experienced team have designed and installed isolated grid services in various locations throughout UK and further afield. Given the nature and structure of our organisation we are able to pool resources to deliver complex and large-scale solar PV installations.

Isolated Grid solar PV installations are fantastic for communities that can’t benefit from a grid connected power source. This may include locations in Africa and remote islands in the Pacific or Atlantic.

Sustain are in position to design a bespoke solar PV system that works for your particular requirements. This could be a stand-alone system to support local requirements or it may be paired with another form of power generation.

Reduce Costs & Carbon Footprint

The cost of solar PV equipment has reduced significantly in recent years but the cost of diesel has continued to rise rapidly.

The cost of diesel in a number of countries could be approximately US $1-1.5 per litre. As such the costs  per kWh diesel-generated power could be as high as US $0.30 per kWh.


Therefore, the installation of a solar PV system can cut costs dramatically given that the cost of solar is more or less half that of diesel.  Solar PV systems have the ability to deliver operating cost reductions for organisations operating in remote communities.

Solar delivers a more secure power source, where power outages can be avoided, thus improving business operations, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Turnkey Solar PV

Our comprehensive service involves a specified process, which includes design and engineering as well as installation and monitoring.

Regardless of your current circumstances and whether you have an existing power source or not, our experienced team will make appropriate assessments of your requirements to ensure you receive a solar PV system that works with your local environment or business.

Solar PV Containerised

A bespoke system may need to be designed according to specific conditions of the grid within your location. The equipment that will be required, including the panels, inverters and other equipment can be packed together appropriately for installation in the remote destination.

The experienced Sustain team will provide comprehensive technical support along with the logistical advice required to ensure the solar PV installation is effectively installed at your location. We work closely with logistical partners to ensure that shipping and transportation is completed efficiently.

We will rise to any challenge and anticipate potential technical difficulties before they occur. This can only be achieved by utilising extensive experience within the Sustain team.

CSUN Solar PV Panels

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Isolated Grid installations are complex, requiring detailed analysis and specifications throughout. Perhaps you don’t understand or recognise the potential benefits of an Isolated Grid solar PV installation for your community or organisation? Sustain are on hand, for the guidance you need to make effective decisions. Contact us today for more information from our expert team.