Mortgages & Free Solar Panels

We continue to receive concerns regarding mortgages and how they are affected by having a free solar panel installation. Will I have problems re-mortgaging my property when free solar panels are installed or will I be able to get a new mortgage on a property that currently has free solar panels? The answer is very straightforward.

We’re 100% Mortgage Friendly!

You can be sure of this, because our free solar panel incentive, contracts and procedures adhere to the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ Guidelines.  This highlights how free solar panel providers should operate and includes a standardised process which mortgage companies have to adhere to. The Council of Mortgage Lenders’ guidelines are currently approved by the following mortgage companies, to name but a few:


Equity & Extensions

We have had many clients who have successfully remortgaged their property with free solar panels installed. So, if  you want to release equity in your property or you want to access funds for an extension on the property, you will find that the mortgage providers offer solutions that are applicable to your circumstances.

You may have seen news articles or reports suggesting that mortgage departments are ignoring, or are unaware of the Council of Mortgage Lenders’ Guidelines but we have come across no instances of this nature.  Some stories have simply been created to support solar organisations who are only capable of providing a purchased solar PV solution, thus attempting to negatively impact on organisations such as Sustain who are capable of offering a free solar panel installation. Frankly, these stories are inaccurate.

Selling Your Property

We’ve also had people contact us who are concerned about the transfer of ownership when free solar panels are installed on the roof, however none of our customers have reported any issues in relation to selling their property. In fact, in most of these scenarios our customers have reported it was easier to sell the property with free solar panels installed based on the free electricity and cheaper electricity bills.

The Department of Energy & Climate Change has communicated statistics that suggest energy efficient properties are worth more throughout the United Kingdom. The switch towards renewable technologies in the United Kingdom is certainly well underway and having an impact in more ways than one.


If you’re the owner of a commercial property or landowner thinking carefully about having free solar panels installed, then you can rest assured that mortgage opportunities are available either before or after free solar panels have been installed. Of course, there are more complexities with a commercial mortgage but many of our clients have reported very few issues.

Commercial-Solar PV

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Prior to proceeding with your enquiry you may wish to speak to our in-house legal team who can give you more guidance in relation to the contract and mortgages for free solar PV. Speak with our specialist team on 01992 800 666.