Myths About Free Solar Panels

So, you’ve heard lots of rumours about free solar panel installations and are continuing to be sceptical about the opportunity. How on earth can a company install them for free and will I really benefit significantly from having solar pv installed? The answer to both those questions is certainly yes but let’s take a look at some things you may have heard in relation to free solar PV panels.

The Truth About Free Solar Panels

The free solar industry is relatively new and plenty of commentators have had their say but they are often misinformed. After experiencing many situations with the installation of solar panels throughout United Kingdom, we have accurate data and positive feedback from thousands of people:


No 20 Year Agreement

You are not personally contracted to an agreement for 20 years. The current owner of the property grants Sustain the opportunity to lease the airspace above their roof and this particular lease is for the property, not the homeowner. So, when you sell your property, the new owner buys the property and the lease for the panels that are already in place. It’s a very simple process with the new owner enjoying all the FREE Electricity as before.


Loft Space & Renovations

You may want to make some alterations to your loft or indeed have an extension on your property. We’ve already had customers with these circumstances and within our agreement it is possible that we could completely remove and re-install certain parts of the system for FREE but this is dependent on circumstances.



There have been many instances of our clients selling their properties with free solar panels installed and it certainly doesn’t deter people from purchasing the property. Other clients have had no problems obtaining re-mortgages. Our Free Solar lease has been constructed so that it is in accordance with the Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines.

Many customers have sold their property with a free solar panel installation and had no problems. The new homeowners were delighted with the solar pv installation. Who wouldn’t be, when you have a reduction in electricity bills and the panels will be maintained for free.

In fact a number of our customers have reported that they have found it easier to sell their property with a FREE Solar PV system installed. The Council of Mortgage Lenders guidelines is very specific and details how organisations such as Sustain should initiate contracts with clients.


The Savings 

The data we have gathered from previous installations suggests that our clients are seeing a significant reduction in their electricity bills. It is highly likely that you could save even more if you use more electricity during the day. We also have some interesting statistics, which indicate that most customers are using the solar panels to power 46% of the total power required.


We don’t own your roof, sell your property whenever you want!

When you have solar panels installed, it does not mean we own some part of the roof and you don’t need our permission to sell your property.

FREE Commercial Solar PV

There are a few things to consider in relation to the differences between domestic and commercial properties. Some extra details need to be assessed and checked prior to approving a free solar PV installation on a commercial property. Commercial installations are typically more complex and as such it is hard for Sustain to provide definitive answers immediately for commercial FREE Solar PV requests. 

FREE Commercial Solar PV

Enquire About FREE Solar

We understand the installation of FREE solar PV systems for domestic and commercial properties and we can help you utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us for information on FREE Solar Panels.