Our Approach


Our business was founded on exceptional knowledge within the field of solar PV and we consider ourselves experts in the field. We strive to understand new technologies and are able to tailor our technical solutions for every client we work with. We consider each and every client situation differently and approach each scenario with a thoroughly professional outlook. We recognise the importance of using this knowledge and expertise to give our customers the control they desire.

Passion For Solar

Passion is an essential part of our business structure and we find that this passion motivates and excites our team to achieve even more. We work closely as a national team, delivering enthusiasm that is second to none. We care about the requirements of clean energy and for helping people and organisations with the discovery of technologies that will support their daily lives. This driving determination which we communicate rubs off on our customers and makes them feel excited about the opportunities for change through renewable technologies.

Solar-Knowledge & Passion

FREE & Purchased Solar PV


We offer both domestic and commercial clients the opportunity to either purchase their solar PV installation or have the panels installed for free.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages for certain clients, but the decision is often based on whether appropriate capital is available for the initial installation. Take a look at our comparison between a free or purchased solar PV installation.


Trusting Relationships

Trust is an essential part of our relationship with clients. Our fantastic reputation within the industry is as a result of how we communicate with our clients on an individual and personal level. Everyone from senior management through to local solar service teams are centred on delivering exceptional customer service, while being approachable, likeable and trustworthy. We find that this natural approach makes our customers feel confident and reassured about their investment in clean energy.

Looking After The Environment

As an organisation working within the renewable technology sector,  every part of our organisation is geared up to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability. We don’t see ourselves as purely a profit driven entity, we take great satisfaction in helping people lower their carbon emissions and making a significant contribution to protecting the planet.

Service Driven System


Customer Orientated

Throughout the entire process, we work closely with customers to help them understand the benefits of the technologies and offer clear and concise information to make decision making easier.


Quality Installers

Our installers are experienced, on time and fast to complete installations with very little disruption to your property. They are polite, courteous and always on hand to answer your questions.


Remote Support

We’re always available to help you, whether it’s by phone or e-mail prior to the installation and afterwards. If you’re concerned about anything or you need some reassurances, just get in touch.

Investing In The Future

While solar PV is a fantastic investment, we always promote solar energy firstly as an investment in a better future. In many of the commercial projects that we handle reducing carbon emissions is often the priority and as such we provide appropriate financial and carbon reduction projections to comply with corporate objectives. The impact of installing solar pv on multiple UK properties and land locations will deliver fantastic results for challenging carbon reduction targets.

Accurate Projections

For all of our clients, whether they are domestic or commercial customers, we provide detailed proposals that will help you to understand the potential economic benefits and carbon reduction opportunities. We provide clear and honest information to help our customers understand the solutions in detail so the decision making process is more straight forward. Our calculations for the benefits associated with the feed in tariff are based on standard assessment procedures and detailed information that is gathered during the site survey.

Investing-In-The-Future Solar PV

Get In Touch

We’d love to know more about your requirements for solar PV. To find out how we can help you achieve more with solar PV by reducing costs and your carbon emissions contact us today to speak with our specialist team on 01992 800 666.