Our Solar Technology

Choosing to install solar PV is a significant investment for families and businesses alike and it is therefore important that the equipment installed is efficient, effective and durable. Sustain use a range of approved suppliers for their solar PV systems. We utilise the right equipment that is specifically aligned with the clients requirements. For large commercial projects different panels may be required and a more a powerful inverter should also be specified in line with other applicable equipment.

We have relevant quality control measures in place to ensure the equipment we install is fit for purpose and suitable for our client’s needs. Even very similar domestic installations may require different equipment, given the structure of the roof and space in the loft for the inverter. As such we maintain strong relationships with a number of suppliers to ensure that we have the correct equipment available for each solar PV installation.

Solar PV Technologies
Solar Panels

Solar Panels

We may install different panels for our clients based on their specifications. Panels vary in their size and output, so if the roof area is not very big then small panels with a higher output may be required. Depending on budget we may supply monocrystalline, polycrystalline or hybrid solar PV modules. Here are the solar panels which we specify:

Trina Solar PV

Trina-Solar-PV-PanelsFounded in 1997, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2006, Trina Solar specialises in the manufacture of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules and system integration. Trina Solar is not only a pioneer of China’s PV industry, but has become an influential shaper of the global solar industry and a leader in solar modules, solutions and services.

Photovoltaic projects rely on high quality products that stand the test of time for project inputs ranging from engineering design to project financing and more. Relative to industry peers, Trina products have a strong track record of reliability and performance in the field. As a vertically integrated company, Trina tightly controls quality at every step from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field.


Our Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty for Trina Solar modules guarantees materials and workmanship for 10 years and power for 25 years on a linear degradation schedule.

Trina Solar Accolades:

  • Top 10 Most Innovative Company in China in 2013.
  • Top 50 Global Challenger in 2013.


Hanwha Solar is a global renewable energy company listed on NASDAQ (HSOL). It is a flagship company of Hanwha Group, one of the largest business enterprises in South Korea.

Hanwha serves the utility, commercial, government and residential markets and maintains a strong presence worldwide, with a global business network that spans Europe, North America, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East. As a responsible company Hanwha  is committed to sustainability and is an active member of the PV Cycle program.

Hanwha solar modules are ideal for commercial, residential, and utility-scale applications, both on-grid or off-grid. The solar modules are built using in-house produced cells that undergo rigorous materials testing before and during module production. The lean manufacturing process ensures uncompromised quality at every step.

ISO 9001, OHSAS certification, and TÜV factory inspections reinforce that manufacturing is carried out under proven quality control and manufacturing processes.


The ZNShine Group was established in Jintan in 1988, China. Under the brand BRIGHTMAX of the company Zhongshan Zhengxin Lamp Decorating Co., Ltd high-class glass products and illuminants for the business and industry illumination were produced. Solar modules have been distributed worldwide under the brand ZNSHINE SOLAR with branches in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.

ZNShine solar produces high quality solar modules in several magnitutes and designs for different requirements and purposes from small rooftop installations to large scale photovoltaic power plants.

ZNShine deliver continual quality controls during and after each production step to secure continuous high quality products.

ZNShine Solar PV modules are tested by internationally acknowledged laboratories and institutions to provide fair and independent test results.

Csun solar PV

CSUN is a global high-tech company providing high-performance solar modules for reliable green power generation. CSUN is your safe choice – reliable, committed and prepared.

CSUN production lines are certified according to international quality and environment standards ISO 9001 and 14001. The modules have been tested by all major quality and safety institutions.

CSUN’s modules have demonstrated outstanding levels of performance in world-renowned laboratory tests as well as during their use in actual projects, providing customers with both high energy yields and excellent returns on their investments.To ensure product quality, external suppliers and their products are subject to a strict quality assurance process, including laboratory testing to ensure product compatibility and reliability and on-site assessment.

The CSUN solar PV modules have efficient current collection to improve long term performance ad come with a 25 year power output guarantee.


The Inverter is an important part of the solar PV installation and is required to convert direct-current electricity, which is generated from the solar panels into alternating-current electricity for use in the property. It is essential that the most reliable solutions are chosen so there is more control over the investment.

In a domestic property the inverter is typically installed in the loft and in an appropriate location in a commercial property. Standard warranties are available and extended warranty packages. We typically install four brands of inverter depending on the circumstances:

Samil Power Solar Inverter

SMA Solar Inverters

The SMA solar inverters characterize the Technology- and Quality-Leadership of the company. They are optimally suitable for use in small and mid-range systems. They impress with first class efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability.

The SMA products have been repeatedly acclaimed – and are constantly developing. The new Generation come with innovative technologies such as OptiTrac and H5-Topology. These make the device even more efficient – and therefore ensuring a very good solar yield.

sma solar inverter Sunny Central Utility Grade Solar PV Inverter SMA Sunny Island Solar PV Inverter

SMA manufacture a range of inverters applicable to small domestic installations and larger commercial operations. Sustain are also able to utilise the fantastic range of solar power stations available from SMA for large-scale solar farms, utility scale operations and isolated grid solutions.

Sustain also specify a range of monitoring solutions from SMA to keep track of how well your solar pv system is performing, see below for details.

Samil-Power Solar PV Inverters

Samil Power covers the whole inverter product portfolio from micro inverter up to a megawatt (MW) station, helping customers to maximize yield and reduce investment payback for their photovoltaic plants.

Samil Power inverters are ideal for small residential rooftops all the way through to midsize commercial rooftops and ground mounted solar PV plants. To date more than 200,000 inverters from Samil Power have been installed in more than 20 countries.

With more than 200 engineers in Research & Development, the product portfolio covers the full range and sets the highest quality standards. Samil Power has two state of the art production facilities certified on international standards (ISO 9001:2008 und ISO 14000:2004) as well as two R&D centres.

Samil Power minimizes impact of shading, dust and debris through an innovative design solution. They also have wireless inverter communications via ZigBee flexible communications and Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GSM solutions to enable effective monitoring systems to be implemented where necessary.

Danfoss Solar PV Inverters

Danfoss Solar develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of grid connectable, photovoltaic inverters for all PV applications.

They supply reliable, flexible and user friendly inverter solutions for residential, commercial and large scale applications worldwide.

Certain Danfoss inverters are IP65 rated with die cast aluminium casing, which allows for indoor or outdoor mounting. This is ideal for installations where indoor space is limited. Convection cooling also gives consistent performance even under high ambient temperatures and reduces noise issues.

Danfoss offer inverters with full-colour screens that have an intuitive user-interface with clear and easy to access graphs and diagrams. A full monitoring solution is built-in and no extra PC software is required. For larger sites, a single inverter acts as a monitoring hub, to provide a single point of access for performance checks – either remotely or on-site – at any time.

Danfoss deliver fantastic monitoring solutions with production data shown directly on smartphones or tablets in real time on the Danfoss SolarApp. This gives you 24/7 access to live data, wherever you are in the world.

Hosola Solar PV Inverters

Hosola firmly believe in innovation and advancement with a range of reliable, smart and highly cost effective inverters, showcasing elegant design throughout their range. Based on significant engineering experience in the solar industry, the company introduced their PV grid-connected inverters.

Hosola has successfully launched many market orientated solar inverters including the Hosola Smart series, Bright series and Sharp series covering outputs of 1KW to 20 KW. Hosola inverters are suitable for households and commercial properties.

Hosola products are certified by many international authorities like VDE0126 (Europe), AS4777 (Australia), G83/G59 (UK), CQC (China) and others. The conversion efficiency of the Hosola inverter is as high as 97.6%. With superior product and service performance, Hosola has achieved a great reputation with customers.

Hosola have standard and extended warranty options available.

K2 Solar PV Mounting System

Mounting Systems

Sustain install high-quality mounting systems for solar PV to ensure the safety and longevity of the final Solar PV solution. It is essential that the mounting system is structurally securely and holds the PV panels in place for the duration of the systems operation.

The Sustain design team work in close collaboration with our solar property surveyors to ensure the correct mounting system is specified. Flat roofs, ground applications and certain tiles require different mounting systems.

Hilti Solar PV

Whether it’s for huge solar parks, the flat roofs of industrial buildings or pitched roofs of private houses Hilti offers a range of support structures for photovoltaic panels. With competent technical advice at the planning stage all the way through to the supply of outstanding products in the form of superior modular systems, Hilti offer the service Sustain need to provide quality to our clients. Hiliti have the worldwide logistics solutions required to ensure success.

The Hilti flat roof systems can be assembled fast with clever design variations that allow optimum use of the often limited space available for commercial clients.

Hilti Solar PV Mounting System

Sustain also utilise the Framed solar panel solution from Hilti which can be mounted quickly and securely on pitched roofs using only five Hilti system components. These roof hooks, channels and panel clamps form an easily-assembled and highly weather-resistant complete system for the installation of all common types of photovoltaic panels on residential buildings.

We also use a range of fixtures and fittings from Hilti, given their long standing reputation of delivering durable, quality materials.

K2 Systems Solar PV Mounting Systems

As a manufacturer of mounting systems for solar technology, K2 Systems develop innovative system solutions for the international photovoltaic industry. With many years of experience and an attention to detail, K2 Systems is a strong partner in the field of solar mounting systems. Sustain appreciate the quality of the reliable carrier systems for use on sloped roofs, flat roofs as well as ground mounted and special projects.

K2 Systems are one of the leading innovators in the photovoltaic industry with mounting systems for solar technologies that have been designed in the company’s development department since 2004. They continue to further develop and implement fantastic new solutions.

Designed with a modular principle in mind, the same individual components are contained in all solar mounting solutions. The complete solutions include roof fasteners, hanger bolts and many other constituent parts.

Monitoring Systems

If you’re planning a significant investment in solar PV many of our clients, both domestic and commercial want to monitor the systems output over time. Sustain offer a range of monitoring systems based on the clients requirements and other technologies that are specified. Many of the monitoring systems available are directly linked to the inverter that has been specified because information can be transferred from the inverter using Bluetooth or cloud based internet technology.

Our commercial clients often require web based monitoring systems to check electricity production of their large scale solar PV systems.

SMA Solar PV Monitoring

SMA Solar PV Monitoring

Monitor system yield continually with a monitoring system from SMA who produce the Sunny boy inverters. Their monitoring systems can be appropriately linked with a wide range of inverters to deliver a comprehensive monitoring solution.

A PV system must function smoothly at all times delivering a return on investment and reliable electricity production.

Sunny View Solar PV Monitoring System SMA Solar PV Sensor box sunny-home-manager-solar-pv-monitoring

SMA’s products for system monitoring offer the widest range of possibilities: wireless or internet based, compact or complex, concise or elaborate. Regardless of whether you want to monitor the yield of a home roof system or an open-field solar power station SMA has a solution in place.

Have a touchscreen display installed to display all key data or assess all the energy flows taking place in the household and see recommended actions for your solar PV system.

Monitor your solar PV system remotely and receive updates immediately via e-mail or text.

Danfoss Solar PV Monitoring

Utilise the Danfoss monitoring systems for 24/7 real time monitoring of your solar PV system. Log into your monitoring system anywhere, anytime via smartphone, tablet or computer.

Permanent monitoring is essential to avoid unnecessary performance loss or system downtime. The Danfoss solutions deliver data access, logging and messaging via a dedicated mobile app and you will have long-term storage of data and access to several different solar PV systems if required.

The ConnectSmart™ technology gives you access to a fully integrated web interface . It is also convenient from the perspective that it is available through smart phones, tablets and computers. Keep track of production, revenue and saved CO2 emissions.

You will also benefit from a graphical presentation of production data on either plant, group or inverter level. Data can be downloaded whenever required and the systems are available in multiple languages.

Hosola Solar PV Inverters

Hosola also provide a range of monitoring systems for solar PV including a desktop monitoring program to deliver detailed information on the system 24 hours a day. They also have monitoring apps available for Android and Apple to monitor systems on smart phones and tablets.

Hosola Viewer solar pv Hosola SolarMAN desktop monitoring portal for solar pv Hosola SolarMAN App for solar pv