Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a solution provided by Sustain that enables organisations to make the switch to low cost clean energy with no upfront costs and with the benefit of having maintenance for 20 years. Here is a breakdown of the basics:

  • Sustain will design and install the solar PV equipment and maintain the system for free.  You will only pay for the electricity that you produce and use each month. This is a significant benefit to a commercial operation given that the electricity can be purchased at a cheaper rate than the grid. This provides protection against future energy prices increases.

  • You will not receive Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments, instead these financial benefits will be distributed to Sustain.

  • At the end of the contract term the ownership of the solar PV system will be transferred to the landlord.


Our Locations

Our solar surveyors and solar installers are located throughout the UK, covering every county and major city. With such a comprehensive network of locations, we are able to provide our national service standards at a local level.

All too often we may forget that a company is comprised of individuals, we’re not just an inanimate corporate entity, we’re a cohesive unit that operates to deliver excellence through our local support mechanisms.

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Power Purchase Agreement Benefits

  • The client is not required to outlay any capital.
  • Electricity bill savings of approximately 25% for the energy used by the solar PV system.
  • Low risk as the responsibility for the performance and operations of the system, as well as the maintenance are managed by Sustain.
  • The contract for the power purchase agreement can be transferred to a new owner if the property is sold, so they can benefit from the PV generation.
  • The electricity that is generated from the solar PV system provides security against rising energy costs.
  • The price charged by Sustain for the electricity produced by the solar PV system will never exceed the price charged by the grid provider.
  • The organisations green credentials and environmental profile will be enhanced following installation of a solar PV system.

How It Works

  1. Sustain will assesses the roof(s) and gather appropriate data in relation to current electricity pricing and usage.
  2. An offer will be communicated to lease the roof (s) and Sustain will agree an electricity tariff rate that provides an instant saving on the electricity bill.
  3. The client agrees in principal to lease the roof to Sustain.
  4. Sustain will proceed with any relevant planning permissions required and grid connection stipulations.
  5. Clients signs the lease agreement.
  6. The solar PV system is installed with all the specified equipment.
  7. Client utilises the solar PV system with reduced electricity bills for  20 years and will benefit from maintenance costs.
  8. After 20 years the solar PV system ownership is transferred.  The solar panels are warranted for 25 years and in most instances they last much longer.

Client Information Required

  • The roof needs to be of a minimum size and either a flat or pitched roof is applicable for the solar PV System.
  • Ideally a roof should be big enough for a 50kWp solar PV system.
  • Roof type can have an impact on suitability. Roofs that incorporate tiles, slate, standing seam, rosemary, concrete sheeting, metal sheeting and kalzip are all applicable for a Power Purchase Agreement installation.
  • The structural integrity of the building’s roof is a significant assessment that is required, as it needs to support the solar PV system.
  • The client will need to provide annual daytime electricity consumption so that the likely percentage of electricity consumption can be calculated.
  • What is the current meter like and the readings that can be obtained.
  • Who is the current electricity provider and pricing.
  • Photos or plans of the property to assist with the project.
  • Energy Performance Certificate is not required at D level for a Power Purchase Agreement however Sustain can offer energy performance certification services to guide you on the current situation with your property.

Solar PV Installation In The Midlands

(An installation in the south of the UK may produce higher energy savings)

85 kWp 20 Year saving  25 Year saving Payback Benefit
PPA £132,000 £300,000 Hand over after 20 years. No capital outlay. System ownership transfers after 20 years.
Collaboration With Solar PV Clients


Sustain develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients to bring their objectives to life. We do this by communicating consistently and with purpose over the course of each solar project and we encourage effective dialogue throughout.

We Deliver Solar PV Results

We Deliver Results

At the core of our business is a desire to achieve results and this is achieved through our highly skilled team who have a strong attention to detail.  We focus on sensible and measurable goals and work closely with clients to establish an appropriate and realistic vision for success.

On Time & In Budget Solar PV

On Time & In Budget

Sustain will utilise our strong experience in project management, as well as an understanding of the most recent technologies to deliver solar PV projects on time and in budget. We deliver on our promises, whether they are financial or time based. 

Leading Solar PV Suppliers

We work with leading brands and source high-quality materials at competitive prices, helping to ensure you receive a reliable flow of electricity as part of your power purchase agreement. Our expert engineering team will ensure the most suitable system for your project.

Talk To Sustain About Power Purchase Agreements

We have comprehensive experience with large, complex solar PV systems and as part of this process we often offer power purchase agreements to help organisations utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us today for more information on power funding agreements for commercial solar PV.