Purchase Commercial Solar PV

Sustain are in position to offer a range of financing options for commercial solar PV installations to help you purchase the solar PV system and therefore reap the rewards associated with that. If there is sufficient capital in the organisation, a solar PV system can help to reduce your carbon emissions and improve the profitability of your operations.

Utilise the electricity generated from the solar PV system to run the commercial operations during the day and feed any unused electricity to the electrical grid, so you receive feed in tariff payments.

Purchasing a solar PV system for a commercial entity is a fantastic opportunity because the solar panels generate electricity during the day and the vast majority of electricity used by commercial operations is during the day. As such, commercial solar PV has a significant advantage over domestic solar PV systems.

Free Or Purchased

Financing & FREE Solar PV

While the advantages are significant for a purchased solar PV system, the availability of capital may hinder an organisations ability to purchase a solar PV system. As such, Sustain can offer support through energy efficiency funding to help organisations pay for a solar PV system.

If there is not a suitable financing package, that represents the specific requirements of the client, there is always the opportunity of applying for a free solar panel installation from Sustain.

While you will not receive feed in tariff payments from the installed solar PV system on your property, you will be able to utilise the electricity generated by the system during the day, thus reducing your electricity Bill considerably.

Of course, any savings you make with a free solar panel installation is based on the size of system installed and the technologies used.

What is A Purchased Solar PV System?

  • By purchasing a solar PV system outright it will provide the highest return on investment and the lowest cost of acquisition overall.
  • Organisations will benefit from the feed in tariff, electricity bill savings and a reduction in carbon emissions.
  • For those organisations that utilise the energy generated by the solar PV system, they will achieve the best returns.

Purchased Solar PV Benefits

  • Highest return on investment.
  • Acquisition costs are the lowest.
  • Solar PV payback is typically  6 years.
  • Feed in tariff benefits, receive guaranteed payments for the electricity you generate.
  • Protection against rising energy costs (return on investment could therefore be higher).
  • Reduced electricity consumption from the grid.
  • Guaranteed feed in tariff payments for 20 years.
  • Commercial profile will be enhanced due to the green credentials and environmental profile.

The Feed-in Tariff

  • The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) is a guaranteed government led initiative. You will receive quarterly payments from the electricity supplier for the energy generated by the solar PV system.
  • A certain rate for the electricity generated on the property or ground location will be paid and this is based on the size of the system. The amount you receive is not dependent on whether or not the electricity is used. The feed in tariff rates are linked to retail price index and are guaranteed by the government for the next 20 years.
  • The following FIT rates are currently fixed and in place from 1st July 2014 (More information on the feed in tariff can be obtained through Ofgem):

Output 0-4kW >4-10kW >10-50kW >50-100kW >100-150kW >150-250kW >250kW-5MW
FIT rate p/kWh 14.38 13.03 12.13 10.34 10.34 9.89 6.38

Solar PV Process

From your initial communications to ongoing support with Sustain, you will receive effective guidance in relation to your solar PV requirements. Our comprehensive solar PV process incorporates the development of close relationships with clients and the specification of equipment from the world’s most trusted solar PV suppliers. Our local solar surveyors and installers deliver exceptional service and a local point of contact both during the project management process and after the installation is completed.

Our local representatives and the head office team work closely with you on the design and planning of the solar PV system, given some of the complexities of commercial installations. Planning applications are required in some instances, as well as close coordination with electricity suppliers and the distribution network operator. We help you with all the necessary applications for the feed in tariff to maximise the financial benefits of your solar PV installation. See further information on our solar PV process.

Solar PV Installation In The Midlands*

(An installation in the south of the UK may produce higher energy savings)

85 kWp 20 Year saving  25 Year saving Payback Benefit
Purchase £400,000 £535,000 6  Years Acquisition cost is the lowest.

Example Cost Breakdown*

System Cost  FIT Payments Per Annum Energy Savings Per Annum ROI
85kWp £91,000 £7,600 £6,900 16%.

*This is only an example and not 100% representative.

Commercial Solar PV Criteria

  • An EPC Grade D or above must be in place for the building. To achieve this Sustain are able to provide energy performance certification to grade your property. The installation of solar PV will constitute an improvement from one grade to another. So, if your property is currently grade E following an energy performance assessment, the installation of solar PV will change the property to grade D. This means the property is eligible for the feed in tariff.
  • The panels and equipment supplied by Sustain must be MCS approved, so the solar PV system is eligible for the Feed-in Tariff. As previously detailed, Sustain will provide comprehensive assistance with the paperwork required in the application process for the feed in tariff.
  • The roof is obviously a crucial aspect of the commercial solar PV installation and as such there are a few necessary requirements, including:

– South facing (although with flat roofs the panels can be positioned to face the optimum direction in many circumstances)

– In good condition, capable of taking the additional loading of solar PV panels.

– A ground mounted location, potentially close to electricity demand.

  • Large scale solar PV installations, including those that are over 250 kWp can be funded using renewable obligation certificates. As part of our service process, we will offer any further guidance in relation to this opportunity.

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