Refer A Friend

Many of our clients hear about us through a friend or neighbour, while commercial clients often refer us to business associates and partners. Our customers are so pleased with their solar PV installation that they’re more than happy to recommend us to people they know. That’s why we felt it was only appropriate to reward our customers for their kind words regarding our services.

You will receive a cash payment of £150 for every new customer you introduce to us for a domestic installation, who subsequently has solar PV installed.  The £150 reward for a domestic installation is for both Free and Purchased solutions.

What’s This About?

You can earn £150 in cash for every friend you refer to Sustain. We like to say thanks for spreading the good word and increasing our customer base! If you know more than one person who could benefit from solar PV, then send us their details. It is not £150 for multiple referrals, you will receive £150 for each person you refer. As such, you could make a healthy return just by referring a few friends and family to Sustain.

How Do I Refer?

The process is very simple, fill in your details, including your name and the project number for your solar PV installation and then provide the information for the friend you are referring.  We just need some basic information on their contact details so that we can get in touch with them and start the solar PV process.

How Do I Get Reward?

Once the installation is completed for the friend that you have referred we will send you your reward within 7 to 10 days of the installation date. To receive your £150 for each person you refer, Sustain must have completed an installation for that person. If you refer someone and they choose not to have an installation, you will not receive £150.

Refer Your Friend

Fill in your details below, including your name and the project number of your particular installation and then provide us with some information on the friend or family member you are referring:

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