Savings From Free Solar Panels

You need to make savings when you install free solar panels, why else would you want to have them installed? After successfully completing the installation of numerous solar PV systems throughout United Kingdom we have gathered some useful data on the savings been made by our clients. When we install a free solar PV system, Sustain will monitor and maintain it for the 20 year period of the feed in tariff scheme, so we know how they are performing.

Solar panels produce a significant proportion of the electricity required for a domestic or commercial property. The size of the solar PV systems installed by Sustain are large enough to produce more electricity than you’re likely to need during the summer months. The excess electricity will be fed back to the grid. In the winter, the reverse is true because the shorter days mean less light hitting the solar panels. As such you will use more electricity from the grid and this is the same for all solar PV systems installed in United Kingdom.


Electricity Use & Savings

In reality it is hard for any of our clients to use all of the electricity generated by the solar panels because they are not in during the day or they simply don’t have the electricity requirements. Having said that we are able to conclude that our domestic clients are seeing significant reductions in their electricity bills.

The Department for energy and climate change released information which shows that the average electricity bill in the UK was £533 in 2011. They also highlighted that the electricity consumed was approximately 3,932kWh. Considerable savings can be made on these figures with solar pv installed.

Our Calculations

It is evident that there are a lot of exaggerated and pessimistic claims on the internet for the performance of a solar PV system. We are able to make this assumption on the basis that we are aware of the performance for the systems that we have installed throughout United Kingdom. Furthermore, we always look to receive feedback from our customers on usage and savings from their electricity bills.

Given the scale of installations that we’ve installed we are confident that our figures stack up and you can trust them in your decision-making process.


Domestic electricity prices have doubled between 1990 and 2011 and if this rate of increase continues, the average cost of electricity will increase to 26 pence/kWh in the next 25 years.

All utility prices are subject to change with increases expected. A solar PV installation will enable you to protect yourself from electricity price rises, thus giving you more control over your budget.

Commercial electricity prices have also seen a rise so the ability to use the free electricity from the solar panels during the day for the operations of the business is a massive benefit.

There are many different tariffs and charges for electricity so we have used some average figures for our assumptions. The cost of electricity is measured in pence per kilowatt hour. The average figure that we have used in our calculations is 13.55 pence/kWh, which is genuinely a conservative estimate.

We only install the most recognised solar PV brands and these panels are guaranteed to work at an effective performance for 25 years. Sustain will monitor and maintain the solar PV system for free as part of the contract.

Our data suggests that you could save a considerable amount on your electricity bill every year for 20 years. It is absolutely possible for you to save even more if you use appliances and other electrical items during the day.

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