Solar Installers

Sustain have installation teams located throughout United Kingdom, so we are able to deliver a local service to both domestic and commercial clients. Our solar pv teams consist of an electrician, roofer and other support workers. Prior to the installation date itself, a scaffolding team will arrive at your property to ensure everything is ready for the main solar team to install solar panels.

Everyone in our installation teams are focused on the delivery of exceptional service for all our clients. Our installers turn up on time, communicate respectfully and always try to cause as little disruption as possible.

The local solar teams are supported by surveyors who are in place to assess your property for its suitability. A detailed survey is required prior to the installation and this typically includes an assessment of the roof structure, roofer orientation, the current electrical installation and other specific details related to the property.

Our Solar Installers

Support Team

The installation team is backed up by a comprehensive support team based at our head office. You will be provided with appropriate and timely information in relation to your solar PV project prior to the installation and afterwards.

The installation team will perform various tests on the finished installation and provide appropriate documentation for our support team to issue to you. This is known as our handover pack and includes various documents that you require to apply for the feed in tariff.

Fully Approved

Our installers are appropriately approved and certified to install solar PV on domestic and commercial properties. We follow stringent guidelines in relation to technical requirements, as well as the service process required for renewable technologies. Our accreditations include:


MCS Approved

We are MCS Approved and this demonstrates our compliance to industry standards. MCS shows consumers that companies are appropriately qualified and are able to consistently install renewable technologies to a high standard.


Renewable Energy Consumer Code

RECC is an organisation that has been set up to safeguard how the MCS installer delivers a high quality experience to clients. As an MCS approved organisation, Sustain follow these guidelines religiously to ensure our clients receive an excellent service.


NICEIC Domestic Installer

As an NICEIC Domestic Installer, Sustain have been approved for relevant electrical installation work in accordance with Part P of the Building Regulations. We install vital equipment for the solar PV installation and test it vigorously.


Large Scale Projects

Sustain have solar teams for small-scale domestic solar pv installations and are able to pool our resources to bring together comprehensive solar installation teams for large-scale commercial solar installations. In these instances the process is a little longer and includes a comprehensive project management process to ensure that everything is completed on time and in budget.

Prior to the deployment of large solar installation teams for commercial projects, we work closely with clients on the exact specifications required and support clients with various applications that need to be made. For some large-scale projects planning applications are required and contact needs to be initiated with the electrical grid.

We deliver a collaborative process without commercial clients and initiate an efficient installation process utilising our extensive team of solar installers located throughout United Kingdom