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Is solar right for my home or business?

Will my home or business need to be adapted for solar PV?

My electricity bills will reduce dramatically, is that right?

Surely I need to wait for new technologies?

How large will my solar PV system be?

Will the solar PV system require maintenance?

How reliable is solar PV?

Is a battery back-up system required?

What about evenings, or when the weather is poor?

How durable is the solar PV system?

How long is it before the system is up and running?

Permits and regulations, are there any?

What about roof repairs following a solar installation?

Is a solar PV system financially viable?

Will the government really continue with their incentives?

Is now the best time to install solar PV?

Is financing available?

What is the biggest size system without a grid connection?

Do solar panels have to be mounted on a roof?

When is the best time to use your free electricity?

What about hybrid solar panels for heating water and generating electricity?

Once the system is installed, will I still pay for electricity?