Solar PV Process

Sustain deliver a comprehensive service process for the installation of solar PV panels and this includes consistent attention to detail. From the initial communications with Sustain to the after sales support, you will find a comprehensive service system. We will provide an honest appraisal of your situation and deliver on your requirements. Our service process is very similar for both domestic and large-scale commercial solar PV installations; however, there are some additions to the process for commercial operations.

We may need to assist clients with planning regulations as well as any local requirements to ensure the service process runs smoothly. Sustain recognise the commitment involved with large-scale solar PV installations and work with clients closely to ensure everything is dealt with effectively. All our clients will have a specific contact that will be available to answer any questions throughout the process.

Solar PV Customer Services Team
Solar PV Survey
Electrical Installation Solar PV

1. Discussing The System

Contact us and a solar PV expert will visit your home or commercial premises to answer all your questions on solar energy. We will discuss your requirements & provide a no obligation quote.

2. Assess Property Suitability

Your solar PV expert will do some preliminary checks of your property to understand whether it is suitable for solar energy. The roof angle and orientation of the property will be checked.

3. Property Survey

Your solar pv expert will now complete a detailed survey of the property. They will measure the roof, assess the loft, electricity meter and check to see if any shading effects the property.

4. Electrical Check

As part of the survey we will make a visual assessment of the current electrical installation to check it is up to standard. We will look at your fuseboard, wiring & whether you have a loft light.


5. Further Assistance

Sustain is an accredited electrical Domestic Installer so we can help you with any building regulations and also guide you through the planning permission process if your property requires it.

6. Scaffolding

In preparation for the installation, scaffolding will be erected to ensure the safety of the installation team as well as you and everyone in the vicinity of the installation.

7. Roof Installation

The solar panels will be fixed to rails on your roof. For flat roofs, a different installation procedure will be completed.

8. Interior Installation

The internal aspects of your solar system will be installed. This includes the inverter, cabling, boards in the loft, a loft light, the generation meter, isolators and if a new fuseboard is required we will fit one of those too.


9. Ready To Go

We will commission the solar PV installation to ensure the system is fully operational and ready to go.

10. Completion

The photovoltaic system is complete and you can now generate energy. One of our solar installers will show you how the system works and the process for obtaining your Feed-In Tariff.

11. Guarantees Explained

We are confident that your photovoltaic solar power installation is ready for years of use. However we will give you information before we leave on what to do if anything breaks down or fails to operate efficiently.

12. Continued Service

You can call us anytime if you have any questions after the installation. We will always offer you continued support and we can assist you with any solar pv requirements.