Third Solar PV System For Bristol Zoo

Third Solar PV System For Bristol Zoo

Following the successful installation of other solar PV systems, the Bristol Zoo has subsequently installed a third solar PV system.

The brand new installation is a generously sized 30kW installation producing more than 22,500kWh every year. A system of this size is capable of providing electricity for six UK homes.

The solar PV installations at the zoo help to power animal enclosures, heat lamps and aquariums. The systems are a fine example of how solar PV can be used to run business operations throughout each and every day. Reduce business costs and control your own energy production.

The first solar PV installation at the zoo was for the specific use of the veterinary department and is the size of a tennis court. The 47kW system delivers the opportunity to power various electrical requirements, offering a fantastic saving on electricity bills. By having on-site energy production the zoo is protected from rising energy prices, while making a contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

Bristol Zoo has not only made a contribution to the environment, the organisation is also a conservation and education charity. They continue to make investments in sustainability by initiating multiple efforts in a wide variety of sectors. They have also installed biomass boilers, thus reducing wood waste and other related energy costs.

Solar PV is a fantastic solution for a variety of different commercial operations, especially those who utilise a lot of electricity during daylight hours for the operations of the business. With long British summer days, a commercial business can make some significant financial gains by installing solar PV. Whether you are manufacturing organisation or business within the tertiary sector, solar PV is a solution you cannot ignore to improve profitability.