UK Will Be Largest European Solar PV Market In 2014

UK Will Be Largest European Solar PV Market In 2014

The growth of solar PV within UK is continuing at a fast pace and is currently the biggest photovoltaic market in Europe for 2014, according to a recent report.

The dominant UK market has been fueled by growth in ground-mounted solar PV installations. 120 large-scale solar PV projects have been approved in United Kingdom and many of these installations will be completed by the end of 2014.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has released some important documents in relation to the United Kingdom’s progression. This includes the ‘Solar PV Roadmap’ and ‘Solar PV Strategy’ reports, which have strong objectives in relation to hitting 20 GW of cumulative capacity by 2020.

While the long-term vision is to have a mixture of solar PV installations on roofs and ground systems, solar PV farms are likely to provide a significant contribution towards the 2014 statistics.

It is no surprise that these statistics have been released given that there have been over 325 solar PV projects in the megawatts (MW) class in the UK and 60 of these installations have a capacity of over 10 MW. As well as these complete installations, there are over 444 large-scale, ground-mounted solar PV projects that are currently in development.

124 of the 444 large-scale installations have already been approved and will shortly be completed.

As the largest solar PV market in Europe in 2014, there are growing requirements for global component suppliers and project developers to recognise the complexities of the United Kingdom’s solar PV industry. It is fundamentally important to align with the correct suppliers and initiate projects which will have a significant impact on the United Kingdom economy.

Having a significant solar PV portfolio is an attractive long-term financial proposition for the United Kingdom and the race is now on to develop solar PV farms to meet the requirements of the Renewable Obligations scheme.