Utility Scale

Utility scale solar PV installations offer the opportunity to make an exceptional financial and environmental investment.

Sustain offer a comprehensive turnkey solar PV process for landowners looking to utilise their land more effectively by installing a large ground-mounted solar PV system. Our experience with the overall process enables us to help you secure planning permission and other regulatory requirements.

We will not only manage the extensive solar PV installation but we will also provide effective advice and solutions in relation to the operations and management of the utility scale solar PV system. A utility scale system has the capability to change a local community or rural location dramatically, offering less dependence on the grid and substantial efficiency.


Large-scale Solar PV Process

After planning permission has been received, your utility scale solar PV installation could be up and running within weeks. However, our service process is much more extensive than that, we’re in position to service and maintain your system for the 20 year period of the feed-in tariff to ensure you receive all of the financial benefits without any interruptions during your investment.

To get an idea of our comprehensive solar PV process see further information here. If you want some basic information on how we will get the best from your project, here is the process abbreviated into three stages:

Stage 1: Design & Applications

Solar-PV-Design-Utility-ScaleA vital part of the solar PV process is the initial site survey. Sustain utilises this comprehensive information to design a system, which is totally representative of your requirements. It is also essential for large-scale solar PV installations that both planning permission is in place and you have received permission to connect to the grid.

Solar PV systems that develop more than 3.6kW are required to have three-phase electricity and we’ll ensure you are correctly informed of the process in relation to this.

Large-Scale-Solar-PV-InstallationStage 2: Installation

The Sustain in-house team are technically accomplished with experience in a wide range of solar PV installations, so you can be sure of the performance for your system.

We work closely in combination with trusted partners and some of the most recognised solar brands in the world.

It is essential that we construct your system quickly and efficiently to ensure the project is completed on time and in budget. We also recognise the importance of delivering solutions with minimal disruption.

Following installation, the system will be commissioned and set to operate efficiently for the 20 years of the feed in tariff scheme. Receive exceptional financial benefits that will make your solar PV installation one of the best investments you will ever make.

Stage 3: Continued Servicecontinued-service-solar-pv

Solar PV systems of any scale are extremely reliable as there are no moving parts and therefore minimal servicing is required. Having said that, certain banks require a service contract to be in place as part of ensuring the systems operations are running correctly and the projected returns are being achieved.

For large-scale solar PV installations we offer a long-term service contract for your peace of mind. This ensures the smooth and efficient operations of a solar PV system for the long-term. As an MCS approved and industry-leading installer, Sustain are in position to support you with a comprehensive service, answering your questions and delivering on requirements.


Financial Options

Having dealt with a number of commercial clients, we understand the needs for a range of commercial financial options to suit your circumstances. Sustain will be able to support you with the right solution that is representative of the available capital and investment objectives.

If landowners do not have the available capital, we work with a range of investors who be happy to work with you to fund the solar PV project.

You may also find that our other financial packages are effective for your particular situation, but whatever the circumstance the financial benefits of installing solar PV can be offset to a certain extent against any financial package that you choose.

Sustain are confident about solar PV and how it will play a crucial role in meeting global energy requirements in future. We are therefore committed to introducing commercially-viable solar PV systems to investors and landowners.

Solar PV Finance Planning

The success of any solar PV project starts with a comprehensive financial plan. As a leading solar PV organisation within United Kingdom, Sustain are leading the way with workable finance models for businesses, the public sector, individuals and investors. We help with the following aspects of financial planning:


  • Research and clarification of the latest solar incentive schemes.
  • Comprehensive financial statement analysis, including the preparation of debt and equity capital models.
  • Negotiate, analyse, review and finalise financing and loan arrangements.
  • Setup companies related to a specific project (Single Purpose Vehicles).

Sustain have a thorough, research-based philosophy where we try to understand individual circumstances. We will never proceed with a project unless we’re certain that it will deliver on objectives and is economically viable.

Free Solar PV Solutions

Large-scale solar PV installations require a significant capital investment and to make your project financially possible we deliver a range of options.

Depending on the size and scale of the installation, you may be offered the opportunity to have a free solar panel installation, so you can benefit from lower electricity bills.

With this option, you will not obtain the full benefits of the feed in tariff scheme.

The investor who pays the initial costs for installation and materials will be the one who benefits from the feed in tariff scheme but this option is still a viable and sensible solution for those without the initial capital available.

These solutions are ideal for organisations and individuals who may simply want to make an environmental commitment to a community or commercial organisation.

Solar PV Construction

New Construction 

Solar PV is not only developing as a retrofit installation on properties and available land, it is also becoming more relevant with new construction. As such, if you currently have projects over 5 megawatts (MW) and need an organisation to help you plan and install effective solar PV systems, look no further than Sustain.

Our comprehensive project management and solar PV process is fluid and efficient, helping large organisations to achieve their carbon reduction goals, while taking advantage of a fantastic investment opportunity.

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We work with a number of different sectors regarding the installation of complex solar PV systems and we have specific solutions available for each commercial sector so they can utilise the vast quantities of untapped solar energy across the country. Contact us today for more information on  commercial solar PV.