Why Sustain Commercial Solar

Sustain are a leading UK solar PV installer, with a proven track record within the large and small scale commercial sector. We have delivered high-profile projects for clients in a number of different commercial sectors, including large national organisations, housing associations, global brands, the public sector and independent business operations.

Solar PV is a fantastic opportunity that enables commercial entities to improve their financial circumstances as well as contributing to reducing carbon emissions. By installing solar PV it has the capability to impact on various aspects of an organisations operations.

Our extensive expertise in all aspects of PV systems enables us to deliver a complete, hassle-free service from design to installation. We will take care of the vital requirements for commercial installations, including support with planning regulations and the feed-in tariff registration. Regardless of your operational infrastructure, Sustain are in place to maximise your return on investment and to help you meet stringent carbon reduction targets. We work hard to deliver added value for the end user, by initiating effective solutions that are representative of the clients specific requirements.


Leading Suppliers

We work with leading brands and source high-quality materials at competitive prices, helping you maximise the value of your project. Our expert engineering team will advise you on the most suitable system for your project at every stage.

One of the benefits of working with Sustain is that we operate in an impartial way, we’re not tied to one particular supplier and we will answer all client questions objectively to ensure you receive the correct commercial solar PV system for your requirements.

As a result of working with a number of suppliers, we are able to broker the best value offers on commercial solar energy systems. This not only includes the supply of solar panels, but also other vital equipment such as inverters and mounting systems.

Solar PV Careers

Expertise Throughout

Work with us, and you’ll be sure to receive comprehensive support from our experienced professionals. By combining our management teams expertise, we are able to boast decades of experience in the construction and renewable technology sector.

The vast majority of our team have held key positions within global engineering organisations delivering not only solar PV, but other complex engineering solutions.

Client Base

We have amassed a broad range of experience by working with clients in a number of industrial and tertiary sectors. Sustain have delivered solar PV solutions to global operations, small medium enterprises, landlords, architects, property developers, facilities managers, landowners and the public sector.

Our comprehensive solar PV process delivers exceptional service including everything from finance and planning to the often complicated commercial solar PV installation itself. We work closely with our clients following the installation to ensure that the operations, maintenance and monitoring of the system are completed effectively and within budget.

Large & Small Scale

Not only will Sustain design, specify and install a complicated solar PV solution, but we also install small-scale solar PV systems for local businesses and other organisations. We recognise that solar PV can be a fantastic solution for large organisations and investors as well small businesses looking to improve their financial outlook. Get in touch with Sustain to see how your business can benefit from solar PV.


Financing Solar PV

When it comes to financing your solar PV project, it’s good to know that we have diverse experience with financing commercial solar pv. We can offer a range of solutions that are in line with your expectations and circumstances. Not only do we deliver basic solutions for small business by incorporating the energy efficiency funding initiative, but we also bring investors and property owners together for large-scale solar PV installations.

Free Solar PV

We are able to introduce specific solutions for the purchase of a solar PV system in various commercial scenarios and we can also install solar panels for FREE. As part of the introductory discussions regarding your solar PV system, we ascertain which financing package is relevant for your circumstances.

We may offer a free solar panel installation to businesses and other organisations that currently don’t have the capital available or their financial circumstances are not suitable for a purchased system. We offer free solar panel installations to a variety of organisations, both large and small.

Our tailored FREE solar PV systems are fantastic for businesses looking to control their cost base, while offering protection from utility bill increases. See further information on our free solar panel installations.


National Team

Our experienced team are located throughout the United Kingdom, which means that not only will you have a local representative but Sustain have the capacity and expertise required to complete large scale solar PV projects. We’ve worked extensively with councils and other local organisations throughout the UK as well as with property developers and landlords, so we have first-hand experience of local requirements.

With our teams located throughout United Kingdom, Sustain are structured to offer comprehensive solutions to national organisations. So, if you are a retail outlet or a franchised operation, with multiple locations throughout UK, we are able to deliver a standardised service for your solar PV requirements. Our solar PV surveyors, installers and project managers are trained with the same key principles in mind to ensure you receive the same service whether you are in London or Newcastle.

Sustain Map Solar Locations
Handshake Happy Solar Customers
Solar PV Customer Services Team

Unparalleled Customer Service

When we started the installation of solar PV, we developed a reputation of delivering quality customer service. Not only did we start out by focusing on the engineering and performance aspects of the installation but we also cared about the aesthetics of our installs.

Whether we’re completing a project at one property or across a portfolio, the same ethos and basic service principals apply. We understand and fully recognise the importance of good customer service and keeping our clients satisfied. You can rest assured that Sustain will never cut corners in the solar PV process.

By delivering an impartial service we are able to initiate a smooth and trustworthy sales process that you can trust. We only deliver information to our clients that is representative of their solar PV requirements.


Project Management

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, clients will receive a co-ordinated timetable with clear and specific stages for their installation. We initiate an interactive approach with our clients throughout decision making process and beyond.


Like For Like

We understand that you may have received a quote for a specific solar panel, inverter and other related equipment from a competitor. Where possible, we look to facilitate like-for-like comparisons, with any of the communications you have with competitors. 

Collaboration With Solar PV Clients

Client Relationships

Sustain feel very strongly about the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our clients after the installation, acting as a third party advocate and information provider. We also work closely with our clients on managing and monitoring the system.  

Get In Touch

We’d love to know more about your requirements for solar PV. To find out how we can help you achieve more with solar PV by reducing costs and your carbon emissions contact us today to speak with our specialist team on 01992 800 666.