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Sustain is a leading solar PV installation company, with a long and proven track record in delivering exceptional results for numerous clients in a variety of business sectors. We are experienced in everything from the smallest domestic installation all way through to large public sector projects.

We have a large team of assessors, surveyors, installers, project managers and a support team that will guide you throughout the process. If a tendering process is required our internal experts are capable of dealing with the specific requirements or indeed one off, large and small installation projects.

Work with us and you can be certain that you will be in safe hands. Our management team have years of experience in the construction industry as well as the renewable technology sector.

Free Solar Suitability

In House Solar PV Expertise

In House Expertise

We are proud of our exceptional in-house expertise in all aspects of solar PV from design knowledge all way through to experienced installers. Where applicable, we utilise our knowledge of planning regulations for more complex installations and have a strong understanding of the feed-in tariff registration process to help make things as hassle-free as possible.

Whether your goals are to maximise your return on investment, meet stringent commercial carbon reduction targets or to deliver exceptional added value for the end user, we’ll work with you closely to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your requirements.

Knowledge & Experience

Our experience has given us the knowledge to succeed within the solar PV industry, utilising special methods, techniques, and processes.  We actively apply insider best practices as part of our overall service system to enhance client satisfaction.

Knowledge and experience forms a strong and deliverable foundation from which creativity develops with confidence. This broad ranging experience gives us the confidence to design bespoke solar PV systems that will meet the most stringent of specifications.

Sustain have an ability to generate multiple creative solutions to problems, with a flexible approach to the changing business environment. Our spirit of teamwork gives us the opportunity to deliver projects with efficiency and economy.

Solar PV Knowledge & Experience


Our business is founded on a resilient spirit of innovation, so we are able to appropriately adapt to changing client situations and the broader environmental constraints. We continue to move forward technologically to push our company into new and exciting markets and craft new directions for prosperity. Everyone in our team welcomes new ideas and innovative ways of approaching business.

Solar Innovation

Our Partners

Free Solar PV Solutions

We have been offering free solar panel installations for a considerable period of time and have a clear understanding of customer requirements. Sustain are able to introduce an appropriate package to meet your specific needs and will guide you appropriately on whether a free solar panel installation or a purchased solution is correct for your purposes.

We offer free solar panels to the public and have a range of tailored commercial solutions; so many UK businesses have the opportunity to have free solar panels installed on their property or ground location.

Solar Financial Options

Financial Options

Sustain understand the economic and budgetary requirements of many businesses and consumers. Financial companies offer a range of financial options for Solar PV. Sustain offer a free solar panel solution, as well as support with Energy Efficiency Funding for commercial operations.

We deliver solutions that are representative of client specific requirements for their solar PV installation.

Local To You Solar PV Installers

Local To You

Sustain have a network of surveyors, installers and local representatives capable of supporting our clients in the local area. You don’t need to worry about dealing with an organisation that is based at the other end of the country, you will have a local contact that will help you throughout the solar PV process. That means, if you have any problems after the installation, you can not only contact us by phone, e-mail or post, but you can also get in touch with someone locally.

Quality Solar PV Solutions


From the initial contact all the way through to the after sales process, you will receive a quality solution for your solar PV requirements. This will utilise our experience and expertise with strategic commercial and technical solutions. The service process comprises distinguished industry professionals, with the capability to deliver effective and durable solutions.

Solar PV Service System

Service System

By combining our unique array of talents in the team, we address all of your specific client needs throughout the life of the project. If you have particular concerns we will ensure that any questions are answered accurately and fast. We recognise that the best commercial solutions are rooted in common sense and a detailed understanding of the specific situation. Our surveyors and installers arrive on time, aiming to cause as little disruption as possible and to help you achieve your solar objectives.

Solar PV Value Proposition

Value Proposition

We are acutely aware of our client’s requirements in relation to the value proposition and return on investment for their solar installation. By offering a complete one-stop service, not only can we meet your expectations but we are confident of beating them to deliver greater value for our customer base. Sustain will present the facts about your solar installation, so you fully understand the financial and environmental benefits that will truly deliver a fantastic value proposition.

Collaboration With Solar PV Clients


Sustain develop and maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients to bring their objectives to life. We do this by communicating consistently and with purpose over the course of each solar project and we encourage effective dialogue throughout.

We Deliver Solar PV Results

We Deliver Results

At the core of our business is a desire to achieve results and this is achieved through our highly skilled team who have a strong attention to detail.  We focus on sensible and measurable goals and work closely with clients to establish an appropriate and realistic vision for success.

On Time & In Budget Solar PV

On Time & In Budget

Sustain will utilise our strong experience in project management, as well as an understanding of the most recent technologies to deliver solar PV projects on time and in budget. We deliver on our promises, whether they are financial or time based. 

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We’d love to know more about your requirements for solar PV. To find out how we can help you achieve more with solar PV by reducing costs and your carbon emissions contact us today to speak with our specialist team on 01992 800 666.